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August 19, 2018

Late June

My latest musical obsession is Late June — an Aukland based musician who perfectly bridges etherial beats with your favorite moments of pop culture.

It’s calming, and emotional. A dreamy, melancholy version of nostalgia. His music brings you back to that rainy, misty, cold day you spent wrapped in a blanket on your couch. Sitting alone, tearfully watching the season finale of your favorite TV shows.

Start with his latest album, Balcony. Including my top favorite 5am & Us. Then hit up You & I and Time Moves Slowly.

It’s unbelievably beautiful. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

August 15, 2018

Pumpkin Everything

It’s fall motherfuckers and I’m so ready for #PumpkinEverything.

Go watch Iliza’s Freezing Hot (starting at 8mins in — why can’t you share a specific Netflix time, who doesn’t have a Netflix account) for the best two mins of dead leaf related comedy there is.

August 15, 2018

Put This In MOMA

July 9, 2018

Setting Fires — Signma Remix by The Chainsmokers, ft. XYLØ, Sigma

July 1, 2018 samoyeds before a stormsamoyeds before a storm
July 1, 2018

Ridiculously Easy

Ridiculously easy buttermilk biscuits!” You click the link. It’s a novella about finding inner peace in suburbia. You never knew you were disturbed till now.

Ridiculously easy green beans!” You click the link, there are twelve ingredients. None of them are green beans.

Ridiculously easy salted pistachio caramel latte coffee cake in three easy steps!” You click the link. There are twelve steps.

Ridiculously easy marshmallow fondant!“ You click the link. It’s another novella about suburbia, this time about the dangers of feeding chemicals to your children. You wonder when you acquired these children and worry about their eyes. They are too bright, too happy, too shining…

Ridiculously easy evaporated milk custard! Must own own cow.

Ridiculously easy shortcake in 12 steps!” You click the link. There are no steps.

Ridiculously easy, easy to make, easy in three minutes, easy!” It doesn’t tell you what you’re making but you’re pretty certain it shouldn’t be hissing.

Ridiculously easy,” the article reads, easy, it’s so easy, easy” you hear laughing. Your face hurts why does your face hurt?

It’s so easy,” you tell you friends, your smile is not your own. You can feel your teeth growing, so easy, you’ll hardly feel a thing!”

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