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I’ve never been per­fectly con­vinced that brand­ing agen­cies were to­tally worth the ex­treme cost they charge for what seems like ba­sic iden­tity, trade­mark, and mood” work.

This brand essence” for Hilton’s new chain of ho­tels aimed at mil­lenials does­n’t in­spire ad­di­tional con­fi­dence.

Tru by Hilton asks the difficult question: What if the doge meme inspired a hotel chain for millenials?

Much wow. So bam. Much ooh.Much wow. So bam. Much ooh.

Taking The W’ to the Nth Degree

Good MorningGood Morning

W Ho­tels, which is an up­scale, 4.5+ star chain of prop­er­ties that Star­wood Ho­tels (SPG) mar­kets at a younger au­di­ance than their Westin, St. Regis, and Sher­a­ton properties. While the W brand has it’s own level of hu­mourous douchebaggery, see the above wel­come mat that does change through­out the day. Or the ex­tra toi­let pa­per that is el­e­gantly wrapped up. Oh, god…

None of this is nearly as bad as this mon­stron­sity by Hilton. I’m sure the team of 10 white, sixty-year-old men who agreed upon this brand iden­dity and mar­ket­ing strat­egy thought it would be a great idea.

It’s clear they missed the point on the first words on their web­site.

WTF is midscale?


Not only do 99% of the pop­u­la­tion not un­der­stand the ho­tel busi­ness terms, it is clear that no one out­side the in­dus­try even saw this be­fore it shipped.

Sure, parts of the web­site are fo­cused on those who would want to fran­chise the brand, but hon­estly, I pray I never have to stay at any Tru prop­erty.

Hitting that midscale spot!

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